10 day free festival center at Israels Plads

This year we will create a festival center for Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival which you can visit for free all 10 days of the festival. Everything happens at Israels Plads - just across from the market halls (Torvehallerne) - where buddles of food experiences, workshops and dinners awaits visiters. This will all make Israels Plads the place to be if you are curious to explore the many facets of food.

Among other events you can participate in launching the beginning of the festival with what could be this years' ultimate barbecue with Morten Falk, danish Bocuse d'or 2017 participant, Karlos Ponte, Chef at Restaurant Taller and tv cook Henrik Jyrk. They will manage the grill while Jacobsen makes sure to let their fantastic beer flow freely for 2,5 hours.

You can also experience the World Championships in hotdog making - TopDog Charity - where some of the worlds best cooks compete in creating something so danish as a hotdog.  

Gaarden & Gaden

Gaarden & Gaden are coming to town. For 10 days we dare to move across Copenhagens' inner city lakes and open a wine bar on Israels Plads.

Gaarden og Gaden is a local bar & kitchen on Nørrebrogade. We serve real food from proper quality commodities and will always have a drink that fits time and mood of the day. Natural wines, good classic cocktails, fresh beer from the keg and always coffee in the pot. So come and visit us at the festival and enjoy a glass from our sortiment.   


Cheese & Cow

Cheese bar
Throughout the 10 day festival the dairy union and the EU financed cheese culture campaign Ost & ko will spoil festival goers with the cheese bar. The container doors open with a wide range of exciting cheese servings and cheese for sale, bread (from the bakery Mirabelle) and different kinds of extras. 
We open the festival friday 18th of August at 11 am with free cheese tastings and a small something to drink.

The cheese barista's pick of the day and happy cheese-hour
The cheese bar will have a regular assortment of 20 selectively chosen cheeses from some of the countrys best cheesemakers and further 30 cheeses on special offer.
We offer eg. special offers on the cheese barista's pick of the day and happy cheese-hour with double up on the weight of cheese on weekends from 10-11 am and all 10 days from 4-5 pm. Prices between 50-150 DKK.

Learn about cheese
The cheese bar will host a stream of educational cheese events that any cheese lover will find interesting to visit.
John Gynther from Arla Unika talks about the relation between the quality of commodity and product quality in cheese production with his præsentation "can you taste the quality of milk in cheese?"
The cheese festival Slow Cheese Copenhagen have a præsentation and panel discussion about cheese made from raw milk and the dairy La Treccia visit us twice to demonstrate how to make a burrata.    

Further details about the event and purchase of tickets can be found here.



Meal of the year

Every year since 2000 'dish of the year' has been chosen and all the leading chefs have throughout the years recreated the nominated dished. Dish of the year 2017 is the Danish food critics (Danske madanmeldere) announcement of the best dishes served at Danish restaurants in the last year. 15 dishes are nominated to the final in the categories 'OCEAN', 'MAINLAND', 'SWEET & CHEESE'. Se the nominated dishes here.

Program of the day
10.15 am - Announcement of competition  
10.30 am - The competition begins
11.30 am - Delivery of the first dish for the judges in the category 'OCEAN'
12.40 pm - Delivery of the first dish for the judges in the category 'MAINLAND'
13.50 pm - Delivery of the first dish for the judges in the category 'SWEET & CHEESE'


Taste cider from 20-25 of the worlds best cider producers

Denmark has a long and proud tradition of fruit cultivation - especially apples are close to our hearts. 
At the same time few beverages go so well together with Danish food as cider. Therefore one must wonder why Denmark does not have a larger tradition for producing and drinking cider. 

With the Real Cider festival it is our ambition to celebrate our apple tradition and be part of creating a new cider tradition. At the festival you can meet 20-25 Danish and foreign cider producers and taste their golden apple bubbles. 

The purpose of the Real Cider festival is to promote the knowledge of cider made 100% from apple juice - with no additives or pasteurisation. For the second year running the festival is held by the cider producers Æblerov.