Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival wants to help contributors with realising their innovative, crazy, creative and ambitious ideas. We have a development fund where you as a contributor can apply for support your event.

The fund has two foci and you may choose which fokus you want in your event. Read more about the foci on this page.


The Talents

We make room in the program for the talents; for those who have not yet breaked through but still have a great idea for an event. We want to give the opportunity to those who has not yet established themselves in the business, so they can get their own event. All you need is a great idea and a good concept.

We will help finance an event or find a suitable venue. Write to us if you have a talent or great idea that needs the spotlight in the next festival.

Write to

The Internationals

We in Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival love when we can look outside the borders. You can do that by inviting international chefs and guests during the festival and make them part of your event. That is how we put Denmark on the Food Map of the world.
We will support with fare and hospitality for the international chef or guest you invite to the festival

So if you have an idea about a guest chef then write to us to hear mere about how our fund works and what we can help you with.

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