For this year’s Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival Frederiksberg Allé is transformed when Frederiksberg Harvest Feast for the 3rd time converts the beautiful avenue into one big popular harvest feast. 

”Country meets city”
Frederiksberg Harvest Feast is a new tradition in the center of the city – right in the middle of Frederiksberg – that for the 3rd year running celebrates the hard working farmers with a large feast. Some of the best restaurants and players in the field of dinning create the feast. The Harvest Feast invites guests to enjoy one of seven unique restaurant experiences created through partnerships between organic farmers and restaurants from the city. The organic farmers bring the best crops of the season to the city for each of the restaurants to prepare a three-course dinner. Around the tables, you will find dedicated locale volunteers acting as hosts to help create a memorable evening for everyone.   

Surrounding the Harvest Feast
Surrounding the Harvest Feast, you will have the chance to expand your knowledge on different sustainable initiatives by visiting workshops, stalls and a food market. We have invited local actors to be a part of the event and even though you have not secured a ticket to the long table event, you can easily enjoy a visit to the surroundings of the Harvest Feast.

Organic Harvest Market
At Frederiksberg Harvest Feast you are naturally able to meet the local farmers dinning at the long table, but you are also welcome to visit the farmers at the organic harvest marked on the 2nd and 3rd of September.

Behind the Harvest Feast is Frederiksberg Kommune, non profit organisation Byhøst, Økologisk Landsforening and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Supported by Tuborgfondet & Frederiksberg Fonden.

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - The spontaneous taste of BRUS

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast presents BRUS.

A rousing taste of quality with surprises through out the menu, which celebrates the harvest and the funky taste repertoire of fermentation.

At BRUS we are working to bring quality food into new frameworks. Our nearest neighbor is a brewery and in that is why we work with fermentation and spontaneous fermentation as known from the world of beer brewing. We celebrate the season's crops and work with techniques that produce the best flavors in each and every ingredient.

The kitchen at BRUS makes food that reflects its surrounding environment and its closest neighbours; A brewery and a bar. Kitchen Manager Christian Gadient makes simple and rustic food, combining classic virtues with newer Nordic and strong Asian twists. The kitchen works with raw foods of high quality and fermentation techniques that with super freshly brewed beer and cocktails from dish in an urban and modern environment at Nørrebro.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass.


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Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - Meyers family harvest menu under the open sky

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast presents Meyers Madhus.

For one evening, Meyers Madhus moves from Nørrebro to Frederiksberg to prepare a menu that we all can enjoy together at the long table at Frederiksberg Allé. Bring the whole family and the chefs will take you on a culinary trip around the Nordic kitchen with all the wonderful good things coming up from the earth at this time of year.

For the harvest feast Meyers will lead you into a universe of some of the kingdom's best organic, local produce, tastes and good craftsmanship. We are looking forward to giving you a nice evening at the long table with great food.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass. 

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Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - Down to earth - out in sea

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast presents Vandvid.

Vandvid gets the best organic raw foods directly from the sea and the earth. We add great love and cook over an open flame. We cook long bread in copper molds, and we process the food with simplicity so the raw material remains lively and in its natural power. The raw materials come from suppliers that we know and work with closely in order to achieve the highest quality. For example, the timber of the stable has been sown on our sawmill, and we develop a copper harrow for the vegetable grower, who processes the soil gently and gives the plants more energy from the copper's special properties.

Both the water, the earth and the fire will be represented in a menu that starts with the most delicious hot-smoked organic trout to continue with the tender and succulent meat of jersey calves who have lived a free life in the beautiful scenery, where also the vegetable fields and fruit bushes bursts with ecological delights.

Sydhavn's new restaurant ship is built by hand of the best materials from its own sawmills and workshops - from the timber to the kitchen sinks cut into granite and the tables in wrought iron. The ship has unique views of the sea and sky in the new Sydhavn, where we cook the food on a large stone oven - when we do not grill under the open sky on our specially designed super grill. The food is rustic and sophisticated at the same time, full of taste, consistency and full of colors.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass.

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Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is part of the Frederiksberg Harvest Feast and will serve a fantastic three-course dinner in collaboration between three restaurants, all located on Frederiksberg Allé. The appetizer is prepared by the amateur theater Bjørnkælderen, the main course comes from the Karmaman and the dessert Frederiksberg Chocolate.

Appetizer by Bjørnkælderen
Bjørnkælderen cherish traditions a great atmosphere as well as good food and drink. The food is served in an atmosphere, where you will not be able to hear a pin drop.

Main course by Karmaman
Karmaman is a modern community centre! The atmosphere is down to earth and accommodates everyone from the businesswoman to the metro worker. Karaman's values are based on simplicity, innovations, sustainability and ecology - to name a few.

Dessert by Frederiksberg Chocolate
Frederiksberg Chocolate always manufactures their products of the most exquisite ingredients without colorants or additives. Frederiksberg Chocolate have followed the latest trends ranging from marcipan to cheese, spices, truffles and most recently liquorice, but still kept on using all the good old recipes.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass.

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Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - Kokkeriet - The taste of old Denmark SOLD OUT

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast 2017 presents Kokkeriet.
The Harvest Fiest is an old Danish tradition, dating back to the time when farmers harvested and bound sheaf of corn, while the women preserved and pickled crops and brewed beer. We would like to give our guests this special atmosphere, by serving a modern interpretation of the traditional harvest feast meal.
kokkeriet is all four seasons. It’s sprouting and succulent dishes in spring, light and elegant dishes in summer, longing and melancholic tastes by autumn and comfortable, warming dishes in the winter. It’s love, understanding and respect for Danish gastronomy and heritage. With a sparkle in the eye, curiosity, stubbornness and a sincere intention to serve sublime Danish food reconstructed in the very best way.
Something we, by the way, are proud to have been awarded a star for in the Michelin Guide.
At Kokkeriet we care about quality and local produce, so all our raw ingredients are mainly Danish and organic.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass. 

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Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - Anarki & Mêlée SOLD OUT

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast presents Anarchy & Mêlée

For Frederiksberg Harvest Feast we want to give the participants a nice evening with the people they love and cherish. The best way to do this is around the dinner table. We will host a nice organic meal with well-prepared produce, a good glass of wine and hopefully a clear sky and sunshine. 

We love the seasons and take advantage of the various produce that are available and have their absolute taste at this particular moment. That is what Anarki & Mêlée loves to celebrate at Frederiksberg Harvest Feast! In good company with neighbours and friends, these are the cornerstones of Frederiksberg Harvest Feast.

Anarchy are without dogmas both in terms of food and in terms of wine. We are inspired by the whole world and not limited to fit into a particular genre except to be an honest and uncompromising bistro kitchen.

At Mêlée we serve bistro food with an edge, where it is natural to eat three simple and well-prepared dishes of the season's best ingredients for a complete dining experience.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass.

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Frederiksberg Harvest Feast - dinner with Timm Vladimir SOLD OUT

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast presents Timm Vladimirs Kitchen.

Timm Vladimirs Kitchen is about presence, relationships and experiences, and we wish to put these values into play at this year's Harvest Feast through our commitment and our culinary understanding. At our culinary school in Valby, it is often the guests, who prepare the food themselves under expert guidance from our skilled staff. But on this evening our guests can sit back, enjoy the atmosphere, tastes and be pampered when Timm & Team prepare a fantastic 3-course harvest menu.

We are proud to be part of this year's Harvest Feast and excited to explore and showcase the farm to table principle, which also plays a major role in our everyday lives. Good ingredients play a crucial part at our culinary school, because our guests prepare the food themselves. Good quality food, respect for the seasons and not least the importance of stopping food waste are three values that are important to us at Timm Vladimir's Kitchen. Organic residues are recycled for biofuels and our guests are always encouraged to take their leftovers home in a goodie bag.

Once again, Timm Vladimir's Kitchen is looking forward to making the Harvest Feast even more fun and tasteful. We look forward to a nice evening, happy people, great food and lots of great autumn atmosphere.

Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass. 


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The practical:

  • Bring your own plate, cutlery and glass.
  • It is possible to buy drinks during the evening.
  • You sit at the exact restaurant that you have bought the ticket for, so be sure to buy tickets for the same restaurant if you want to sit together.
  • We meet from 5pm and at 6pm we begin to dine at the table. At 9pm, we finish with a "thank you for dinner and see you next year".
  • In case of rain - we have taken care of this.

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