Understand our festival in 1 minute

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is an annual event which celebrates the culinary culture of Copenhagen as well as the whole of Denmark as a great food country.

The festival is for everyone who loves food, and hosts more than 100 unique events over 10 days at the end of August.

Our official theme, 'Breaking the New', signals that the festival offers unique and different dining experiences and showcases the latest food trends.

Every year some 80,000 festival-goers attend to celebrate Nordic cuisine, seasonal produce and other great culinary experiences.

The centre for Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is housed on Israels Plads in Copenhagen, and hosts all kinds of food activities during the 10-day festival.

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival would not be possible without the backing of a long list of valued partners.

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Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is organised by Food Organisation of Denmark.