Breaking the New

For the past 15 years, Copenhagen has evolved from a gastronomically unknown capital to a world-class food metropolis. This development is created by an innovative mindset and courage to go new ways with a number of skilled food people and a handful of very strong pioneers in the front line.

The Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival celebrates the overall theme ‘Breaking the New’, this unique strength position, which has driven Danish gastronomy and food production to a high level today.

With Breaking the New as a collective idea, the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival will be the flagship of Copenhagen as international gastro-metropolis and the annual event where the food industry displays its new ideas, initiatives and products, brings new knowledge to the table and stagnates the food in the form of new experiences.

It is the ambition that the festival will be an important meeting place for new trends, social debates, new knowledge and new business platforms in gastronomy and food culture.



This year's focus areas

 In 2017 the festival aims to create a festival program with unique food experiences with these special focuses:

Sustainability & Organic. Food waste, wild food, organic meals, vegetarian dishes and fermentation.

Next generation - children and talents. Children, young people, talents, new entrepreneurs and young chefs.

International focus. International guest chefs, presenters, collaborators and events.

Knowledge and learning. Workshops, debates, symposia, fairs, conferences and competitions.

Drinking. Beer, wine, spirits, juice, fermentation and much more.

Food, art and culture. Food culture, cultural institutions, artists, cultural festivals, cross-over events.

Commodity Celebration. Harvest festivals, seasonal vegetables and desserts with summer berries.