Freja symposium

Freja Symposium was held for the first time on 28 august 2018. The goal was to work on improving gender equality in the hospitality industry of the Nordic countries. The participants of Freja were asked to pick two actions that they believe will make a change.

They chose:
1. Establishing a mentoring programme.
2. To build a coalition / community.


.506 at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Hightlights from 'The Worlds (perhaps) most sustainble dinner' at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2018.

ISH at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

ISH was a part of the Festival Center at Israels Plads. By providing a satisfying, alcohol-free alternative, ISH welcomes those who prefer not to drink alcohol or simply wish to limit their intake. Current flavors include GinISH and RumISH which mirror the flavors of gin and rum. Learn more at / /