Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival hosts a number of exciting events for those who work with food in one way or another; within gastronomy, politics, industry, science, food production etc.

Below you can get an overview of the activities we already have planned. More events will be added as they are confirmed. Note that attendance at several of the confirmed events is by-invitation-only or subject to a special application process.

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Generation Food Award

The Generation Food Award is a new initiative from the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival and Arla. With this we celebrate the people who have done something special this year to create better food habits for the next generation.

The Generation Food Award 2018 will be held on August 31 at Israel Plads. All proceedings will go to the Arla Fund's MADlejr. Each year over 1500 children learn how to cook, get inspired to find the pleasure of cooking and get knowledge of good food habits at the Arla Madlejr. The goal is that 10,000 children each year get the same opportunity.

In 2018, the jury consists of family counselor Lola Jensen, chef and television host Timm Vladimir, cook and food writer Louisa Lorang and three children from MADlejr.

Foto: Sarah Buthmann
Foto: Sarah Buthmann

World Food Summit - Better Food for More People

30-31 August 2018


The purpose of the global movement “Better Food for More People” and the annual World Food Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark is to unleash the full potential of gastronomy to create robust solutions worldwide that provide better food for more people.

The urban population of the world has grown rapidly from 746 million in 1950 to 3.9 billion in 2014 and is expected to exceed 6 billion by 2045. The volume of information about food is huge and difficult to analyse reliably. 1 in 10 people worldwide fall ill after eating contaminated food, more than 244 million people live outside their country of origin and more than 40% of food waste in industrialised countries occurs at retail and consumer levels. The need for robust solutions around the globe requires action from the world’s politicians, decision makers, experts, professionals, chefs, scientist and CEOs.

Better Food for More People and the annual World Food Summit in Copenhagen frame the efforts to resolve these critical issues. Together with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which call on all nations to act, the aim is to push forward the agenda on sustainable development within production and consumption of food and healthy lives in the global community.


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Bite Copenhagen

30-31 August 2018

Bite Copenhagen is Denmark's new ambitious B2B food exhibition for national and international food producers. Bite presents an authentic snapshot of the gastronomic trends of tomorrow and celebrates the quality and origin of food. It is the place to be for everyone who prioritises quality, aesthetics and great gastronomy.

Bite Copenhagen 2017 was only the beginning – the 2018 event has already been scheduled for 30-31 August at the Bella Center. Here, Bite will return with even more innovative products, technological advances, gastronomic wonders, and talks from the entrepreneurs who are helping to create future solutions.


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Freja Symposium

28 August 2018

On the 28th of august +50 of the best chefs and people working in the food business will join Freja Symposium in Copenhagen. The working symposium will not only focus on sharing knowledge and celebrating equality, but also on taking action. To be a part of Freja the participants will have to commit to work with at least one of the actions decided by the symposium.

The symposium has been created by a group of strong women in the hospitality industry. Their mission is to create a symposium that will improve gender equality in the hospitality industry of the Nordic countries by connecting decision-makers from the world of gastronomy around the goal of creating solutions.

Freja Symposium will take place at restaurant Gemyse in Copenhagen on 28 August 2018. Detailed program and speakers will be launched in June 2018. It is a by-invitation-only event. If you want to know more, please contact us at

The symposium is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

Copenhagen Food Forum

28-29 August 2018

Copenhagen Food Forum is a symposium for top decision makers in the restaurant business. Food Forum focuses on companies that deliver high quality food in a multi-unit setup and want their business to grow and stay ahead of upcoming trends and challenges. By gathering an exclusive group of peers and mixing inspirational talks, discussions and workshops, Copenhagen Food Forum will provide restaurant business leaders with new insights and contacts.

The Copenhagen Food Forum is a by-invitation-only event focusing on a small group of leaders to create a confident atmosphere and a discussion-based experience.

To learn more about Copenhagen Food Forum, please contact Festival Director Stine Lolk at

MAD Symposium

26-27 August 2018

Chef René Redzepi launched MAD as a two-day symposium in 2011. Three hundred chefs, restaurateurs, waiters, and writers gathered in a red circus tent in Copenhagen to discuss the future of food. Today, MAD connects a global cooking community encompassing chefs and entrepreneurs, farmers and scholars, students and the general public.

MAD’s sixth Symposium will be held in Copenhagen on Sunday, 26 August, and Monday, 27 August, 2018.


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Expert in export

In collaboration with The Trade Council and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, Bite Copenhagen invites the exhibiting companies to participate in a unique partnership-event.

This workshop is your chance to seek out new export markets, by adopting the Sustainable Development Goals into your business case. The purpose of the workshop is to formulate new partnerships between the participating stakeholders encompassing; private sector companies, NGO’s and the public sector. The official voice for the Danish food-cluster, Food Nation, will therefore together with the P4G-hub seek to formulate partnerships between the participating attendees at the workshop. The most experienced international export advisors from the Trade Council will also be present to offer their network and international insight.

Dynamic collaboration between the public and private sectors has enormous potential for moving our society toward its global development goals. Denmark is therefore championing the P4G-innitiatitve, offering funding assistance of between 500.000-5.000.000 DKK for SDG-empowering business projects. The next P4G-funding period will open in November 2018 for which this workshop is your chance to pitch your SDG-idea to the P4G-hub as well as identifying new innovative partnerships for your products.

Trade advisors you can meet during the workshop have extensive knowledge from these countries:

Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, UK, United Arab Emirates, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey and the United States.

At the event, you will learn about your company's opportunities to export your products to the international market, listen to inspirational presentations, joint discussions and meet with export advisors.

Registration is free and reserved for exhibitors at Bite Copenhagen. Registration is ‘first come first served’ with 30 available spots currently. Max. 1 participant per. exhibiting company. 

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Nordic Assembly for public meals

31. august 2018

Nordic Plate, a cross-Nordic collaboration under the Nordic Council of Ministers, invites practitioners and theorists to an assembly about public meals and how they can help further develop New Nordic Food. This year's theme is public meals for children and young people.

Nordic Assembly 2018 is for both practitioners and theorists who work with food for children and young people. We will share experiences and best practices across organizations, professions and national borders to elevate the quality of public meals for children and young people and increase the awareness New Nordic Food. The program focuses on practical solutions and on bringing theory and practice closer together.

The Nordic Assembly 2018 is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and executed by various Nordic Partners headed by The Copenhagen House of Food. The assembly is held as part of Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival.

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More events coming up...

More BtB-events will be added as they are confirmed.