Become part of Cooking in CPH

Cooking in CPH offers more than 50 one of a kind culinary events throughout the streets of Copenhagen. As a guest you will find a number of different food experiences made in collaboration with restaurants, craftsmen and food communities of Copenhagen. Whether you would like to indulge in fine dining and gastronomy or enjoy a glass of wine with 1500 festive guests at Frederiksberg Harvest Feast, Cooking in CPH has something to satisfy your taste. 

In 2019 we have divided the huge event program into categories with significant themes in order to make it easier for the audience to navigate the extensive programme. 

The eight categories of Cooking in CPH are as follow:

  • At Home With - Culinary people of all sorts invite guests for an intimate home dining experience.
  • Beer Me Up - We celebrate the national beverage of Denmark in a cross-over meeting between food and beer.
  • Secret Spots - Food experiences at unexpected locations.
  • Host With The Most - Acclaimed Sommeliers, Restaurant Managers and hosts bring a small group of guests for a night of good stories at their favourite restaurant.
  • Eat The Beat - What kind of music serves as inspiration for restaurants? And how does it taste?
  • Eating Crafts - Chefs are joined by farmers, butchers, bakers, spirit and wine makers in a celebration of good food craftmanship.
  • My Hood Is Your Hood - Events saluting and honoring neighborhood and all the unique boroughs of Copenhagen.
  • Next Generation of Food - Cooking and food experiences for the youngest.

Write us at We look forward to hear from you. 

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At Home With

We ask the greatest food people of Denmark to create a home dining experience for a smaller group of guests. It can be breakfast in your back yard, a seven course meal for a full evening of fun or afternoon tea and cake in your allotment garden. It is entirely up to you to showcase what inspires you in the kitchen. At Home With is a popular category and the perfect platform for you to show the guests who you are as a chef and as a person. 

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Beer Me Up

The Beer Revolution is still going strong in Copenhagen. Our national beverage has been given extensive culinary love and the beer scene has never been as composed or delicious as it is today. The golden drink is deeply rooted in Danish culture and we want to honour that tradition by pairing hops and barley with new food experiences. We would like to hear your take on how to unite beer and food in innovative ways - cheers! 

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Unique Locations

We have searched high and low and marked out extraordinary hideouts on our Copenhagen treasure map - with food in mind of course. Eat underneath the ground, on a rooftop, in the middle of the canal, at the airport hangar or inside the metro. Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities and we want to showcase and celebrate our love for it during the festival. The experience has to be out of the ordinary and add a little extra spice to everyday life. 

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Heroes of Hosting

We host the excellent waiters, restaurant managers and hosts of Copenhagen that make sure to satisfy our every need as guests and create the best possible dining experience. This is your chance to take a small number of guests to your own favourite restaurant and share the stories and experiences from a life front of house.  


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Sound of Food

Does food taste different if the music played is hip-hop or a classic symphony? Can you taste if the chef is fan of Miles Davis? The way food tastes can be affetced by the music we listen to. And menus and courses are affected by the music the chef listens to and is inspired by. We want to highlight the correlation between music and food in this category where we taste music and listen to the food. 


Craftmanship of Food

Taste the sustainable and local produce that is the foundation in Copenhagen restaurants. Get to know about the interaction between countryside and city and how gastronomy is tightly connected to farmers and craftsmen. 

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My Hood is Your Hood

The culinary streets of Copenhagen has an abundance of tasty experiences to offer and we want to celebrate and applaud the neighborhoods but especially the local food people. Be a part of putting 'hygge' at the centre when we arrange street parties, neighborhood dinner and food experiences with all of you dedicated food industry people. And get the opportunity of serving your quarter on a silver platter. 


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Future Foodies

How does insects taste? How do you make your own soda? Where does milk come from? Is Michelin starred food only for grown ups? Let the gourmets of tomorrow discover the world of food and gastronomy. Next Generation Cooking is a number of events created for children. But there is room for adults, because we believe that together we can learn even more about what we eat, where it comes from and why we eat it. 


You create the festival with us!

We would love to have you as part of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. We believe that together we can emphasize all those wonderful ideas, visions and activities that make Copenhagen one of the most innovative food cities of the world. 

Participating and contributing to the open source programme is free of charge. 

We are a platform for testing new concepts. Whether it is a new concept, a new product or something entirely different we are here to help deliver and sell the message to a food interested audience. 

Attract new target audiences. In 2017 we had an estimated 90,000 guests. That is a lot of potential guests that you have possibility of targeting for your event. 

We help optimize sales. We can observe your ticket sales and can react at once if errors occur or if we estimate that something can be optimized in order to improve sales records. Through our ticket provider we collect all sales of events on one platform. On this platform the customers will be exposed to similar events based on previously purchased tickets. That is how you as contributor can affect each others sales. 

Your event is eye-catching throughout the streets of Copenhagen. Each year the festival makes a big outdoor campaign that has a themed and recognisable visual identity. The campaign rolls out weeks before the festival as well as during, in order to make sure we communicate and promote the biggest food festival of the year in Copenhagen. 

We have a huge focus on national and international press and media. Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is responsible for the platform of the festival and we make sure to communicate and promote the programme in Denmark and internationally. We have a constant focus on press relations and external communication. 

We attract the tourists in town. Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is not exclusive to the people of the city, we are also a festival the thousands of tourists visiting Copenhagen during the festival. Our communication is tourist- and english speaker friendly, for instance we make sure to be visible at the tourist offices, and their websites and at Copenhagen Airport. 

We do audience-specific and targeted marketing on social media. We have more than 25,000 followers on our Facebook page. Asked in 2016, 23% of the festival-goers used the platform to keep informed even if they did not follow the page. As soon as sales open we post news about the content of the programme on a daily basis and we share themed guides as well. 

Festival products and merchandise. Each year we develop new products in collaboration with our partners such as official festival beer and tote bags that you can buy and use for your event. 

We are here to help you. We stand at your service when in need of help with signing up and updating your event and we make sure to announce when events are sold out. 

If you would like some constructive feedback or looking for an event partner please do not hesitate to contact us on We will do everything we can to help you.