Cooking i byen - A tribute to the Capital

All restaurants, cafees, foodvendors, markets, producers, cultural institutions or other who wants to create food experiences in Copenhagen can join in with events for our open programme Cooking i Byen.

Cooking i Byen contains a long series of events all across Copenhagen, where we celebrate the capital and  shine a light on all of Copenhagen's strong food scene. If you have an idea for an event, we would love to hear from you!  

We are happy to help with inspiration and matchmaking with other food organisers.

Registration deadline for events is June 1st, 2021.

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Cooking i Byen consists of four themes

These are:

  • Særlige Steder / Special locations

Meals on rooftops, on the water, at the airport or under an open sky. Together we will find the hidden oasis' and special places in the capital. Guests will get to discover a new side of town and enjoy a meal where they otherwise wouldn't.  

  • Rejs ud i din by / Travel your own city

Copenhagen is known worldwide as an international gastronomic metropolis. We will soothe your wanderlust and highligts the city's wide variety of delicious international cuisines

  • Mit kvarter er dit kvarter / My neighboorhood is your neighboorhood

Here local chefs will serve the taste of their neighboorhood. We will celebrate each neighboorhood and those who make an impact to the local food scenes across the city.

  • Mad i børnehøjde / Childish treats

In this theme we invite and join the children to enjoy, experience and play in the world of gastronomy and food.

Theres is no such thing as bad ideas in Copenhagen Cooking - big or small. If you already have an idea - just go with it! But we also gladly take part in creating the idea with you. Only rule is, that the event is made exclusively for Copenhagen Cooking.

As inspiration, please have a look at our highlights from 2019.

Questions regarding Copenhagen Cooking 2021? 

You are always welcome to contact us at