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Copenhagen is a gastronomic metropolis that sets the direction within special sustainability. It must be our city in the future too!

That is why every year Copenhagen Cooking arranges activities targeted at all the good food people in the industry. Here we set the stage for activities that, with a focus on sustainability, inspire new solutions, innovation and collaboration.

The program for the industry consists of symposia, debates, networks and workshops that contribute to a rethinking of Nordic cuisine and the Copenhagen gastro scene.


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Let’s Talk! Gastronomy as a driver to initiate sustainable food system changes

Join Food Nation’s Global Food Talk on August 25 focusing on gastronomy’s impact on consumption and production habits to initiate sustainable food system changes. At the talk, you will meet leading high-level profiles from the Danish and international agricultural and food scene.

By 2050, the world will have close to 10 billion mouths to feed. Yet, 1/3 of all food produced is lost or wasted. Therefore, we must ensure efficient and sustainable food production.

Gastronomy must be used as a lever for the development of better eating habits, counteract food waste and contribute to the sustainable development of agricultural and food production.

The main question for this talk is: How can sustainable gastronomy be a lever to provide safe, healthy and responsible consumption and production of agriculture and food products?

Date: 25th of August
Time: 15-16:15
Price: free


  • Welcome
    Lise Walbom, CEO Food Nation
  • Opening remarks: Denmark’s ambitious goal as a gastronomic nation
    Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Rasmus Prehn
  • Key-note speech (tbc)
  • Fireside talk: Gastronomic innovation through close interaction between industry and academia (tbc)
  • Fireside talk: Simmering initiatives to create sustainable change
    Matt Orlando, Chef and Owner Amass & Fredrik R. Nilsson, CEO, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW
  • Wrap up
    Lise Walbom, CEO Food Nation
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