Guidelines for events

Below you will find the formal guidelines for participation in Copenhagen Cooking. These guidelines applies to all organisors and attendants of the festival.

  • Copenhagen Cooking serves its right to editing all event description before and during the festival, to ensure uninamous communication throughout our channels.
  • You must use our ticket provider to sell tickets for your events. We will assist you in this process. Your prices will be shown on our eventpage with the added ticket fee.
  • You must cover your own expenses, but you keep your income from ticket sales, which will be added to your account within 5 weekdays after the event.
  • Ticket fees will be added. 10 kr. (incl. VAT) if prices are between 01,00 - 150,00 kr. And fee of 20 kr. (incl. VAT) will be added to events with a ticket price of 151 kr. and above. Free tickets will not be added a ticket fee. Any added fee will be paid by the guests and will cover administration and credit card fees. 
  • Copenhagen Cooking assumes no responsibility between ticket buyers and organisors/restaurants regarding any suspension of payments, bankrupcy or other complaints from buyers regarding quality or planning of events, or any other relations regarding events, that are aimed towards the event organisor(s).

Event photo rights

Registration takes place via web template. In the template, you fill in practical info and text for the program as well as a picture for the website and social media. Remember to make sure that you have the rights to use the image.