Be a part of the Harvest Festival at Frederiksberg

Since 2015 Frederiksberg Allé has hosted more than 1500 locals and tourists at longtable dinners, which has now become a tradition in Frederiksberg.

Høstfestival is a new initiative in extension of the popular HøstfestHøstfestival is held from the 20th the 29th of august 2021 as a part of Copenhagen Cooking, with the ambition of engaging far more local businesses and organisations from Frederiksberg in a joint harvest theme - "From farm to table".

Høstfestival is a series of harvest-themed events to be experienced in the backyards, gardens and restaurants of Frederiksberg. Everyone is invited to take part in; longtable dinners, pop-up restaurants in daycares or communal events in nursery homes. In short, there will be something for everyone.

The Festival is built on four themes to gather food organisers in Frederiksberg:

  1. Baggårdshøstfester a series of harvest themed dinners and take away options with cross-over events from cultural institutions from Frederiksberg. 
  2. Havehøstfester picnics in Frederiksberg's Royal Gardens og green areas.
  3. Open-source-programme where all food actors from Frederiksberg can join with harvest themed events.
  4. Frederiksberg Høstfest the signature one-day opening event of Høstfestival på Frederiksberg. Questions specifically regarding 'Frederiksberg Høstfest' please contact project manager Simon Bøg Christensen at

Frederiksberg Fonden supports Høstfestival.

Frederiksberg Kommune supports Frederiksberg Høstfest, part of Høstfestivalen.