Take part in Cooking in CPH

Copenhagen is one of the world's best food cities - the world's best if you ask us here at Copenhagen Cooking!

We focus on this, during Copenhagen Cooking from 19.-28. August 2022, where we present delicious food events throughout the city together with a number of the city's best, most talented and funniest food people. We want to create a diverse program so that guests can explore Copenhagen's diverse range of food experiences.

If you are a restaurant, shop, market, producer, cultural institution or other, and you want to contribute with good food experiences in Copenhagen, you can bid with events for Cooking in CPH. Everyone can register for events, the only thing we require is that you have a good idea and follow the guidelines for events below.

In 2022, we pay attention to the capital, which is why you can help shape the open program and make sure there is something for everyone! Together, we must focus on the wide selection that the capital's strong food scene offers.

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What is a great Cooking event?

Collaboration: In order to create unique and different events, we would very much like all events to be a collaboration between several organizers. It can be a producer, a neighboring restaurant, a fishmonger, farm, winemaker, brewer, gardener and so on. If you do not have the right idea, we are happy to help you match with the right partner.

Delicacy: For a Copenhagen Cooking event, there must of course be something delicious to eat - it's all about food.

Learning: We want to give guests more than a full stomach. It would be perfect if you, as a guest, gets wiser or inspired by a Copenhagen Cooking event. Maybe you've met a new raw material, a new producer, got a good story about the place, heard a talk or a small debate, learned how to make a dish or seen a place in the city you did not know... The possibilities are many. Again, we are happy to help with inspiration.

If you just have an idea for an event, feel free to contact us - then we can stack a great event together!

As we are a festival that focuses on unique events for the festival, we ask that all events relate actively to the above principles. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject events that are outside the above criteria.

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