We create the festival together

Be a part of one of the best food festivals in the world. We have around 100,000 guests in the course of 10 days and great attention from the media. During a year, we have 800,000 people on our website. That is a lot of potential guests for your event.

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is an open source program. This means the events of the festival are hosted by independent food. It is you as hosts who creates the festival and the massive program, and that is what makes the festival the most cutting edge of its kind in the North.

This year’s theme Breaking the New signifies that the events must be unique and exceptional. It must only be possible to attend your event during the festival. This is your opportunity to be creative, it is your opportunity to challenge yourself and thereby show what you have to offer.

You price your events yourself and you get all the revenue to yourself. The festival charges the guest a fee beside the ticket, and that is how our economy in the festival team adds up.

Our job as the festival team is to make the festival and the program visible in the city by using our marketing channels, which includes media partners and the social media. We create a feeling in the Copenhagen area that CCFF is a must-attend event and you will miss out if you are not attending as a guest.

We invite you to participate as a host, so we together can focus on all the ideas, visions and activities that makes Copenhagen one of the most innovative food cities in the world.