Frederiksberg Harvest Feast is the city's new tradition during the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, where beautiful Frederiksberg Allé is closed and transformed into a massive feasting and folk festival. With a 500-metre long-table and seating for 1400 diners, the Harvest Feast celebrates great ingredients and the meeting between town and country.


Meeting of town and country

For the Harvest Feast, guests sit together at the long-table to enjoy one of seven organic meal experiences, created through partnerships between organic farmers and urban restaurants. The organic farmers bring the best ingredients of the season to the city, where the restaurants then create their three-course harvest menu to share at the tables. Local volunteer enthusiasts will be the hosts and make the evening a memorable experience for everyone.

Around the Harvest Feast, various activities can be experienced with workshops for children and adults, live music, food and drink stalls and so on.


Become a part of Frederiksberg Harvest Feast

As a restaurant, farmer, manufacturer and event creator you have the opportunity to participate in this unique event. We are particularly interested in participants working with organics and sustainability. In 2018, the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is committed to the UN's Goal 12 (Target 12.3) - working to combat food waste, which will therefore also be a theme for Frederiksberg Harvest Feast 2018.

If this has caught your interest and you want to know more about your options and possibilty of becoming a part of or helping with staging Frederiksberg Harvest Feast please contact: Julie Hildebrandt-Hæsum Bender, at or phone number +45 22816522.

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast is one of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festivals signature events and is developed through a partnership between Frederiksberg Municipality, the Association of Autumn, the Organic Association and the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. A number of foundations and local actors also co-fund the event.


Organic farmers who participated in 2017

Seerupgaard, Grantoftegård, Grønholtgård, Bisserup Fisk, Glænø Kalv & Ko, Mangholm, Ventegodtgård, Birthesminde, Nørbys Grøntsager, Stensbølgård, Bakkegården, Krogagergaard

Restaurants who participated in 2017

Anarki & Mêlée, Kokkeriet, Timm Vladimirs Køkken, Meyers Madhus, Vanvid og Naboskab i samarbejde med Bjørnekælderen, Karmaman og Frederiksberg chokolade. 

This is how 2017 went

1500 guests. Thats how many sat down at the lined up refectory tables to enjoy one of the seven organic meal experiences during Frederiksberg Harvest Feast 2017. The dishes were created in collaboration between organic farmers and local restaurants around town.

The farmers brought the best quality, seasonal produce to town where the restaurants used the produce in their three course feast menu.

As part of the harvest fest the guests, children and adults alike, could participate in several activities such as workshops, musical features, food and drink stalls and so on.

Frederiksberg Harvest Feast partners