You are probably familiar with Swiss chocolate, their many cheeses, and muesli. But did you know that the food scene, just like in Copenhagen, has been moving towards more sustainability, innovation, and local ingredients? And that the metropolis Zurich is at the forefront of this development?

During Copenhagen Cooking, we bring together two of the world's most prominent food cities: Copenhagen and Zurich, under the theme “Zurich meets Copenhagen.” Zurich has invited a number of its most ambitious chefs, dedicated artisans, and innovative producers to a series of dinners, workshops, and taste experiences that showcase Zurich's food culture.

Copenhagen and Zurich share many gastronomic similarities. Both cities have a dynamic and innovative food scene characterized by sustainability, local ingredients, and a constant growth of new producers that help define and redefine the food culture. Additionally, the restaurant scenes in both cities are known for their high quality and international outlook.

Therefor we are proud to introduce Zurich as Copenhagen Cooking's friendship city of 2023.

“Zurich meets Copenhagen” consists of a series of events at local venues as well as activities at the Festival Square at Israels Plads from August 24th to 27th, where you can explore the gastronomy, art, and culture of Zurich.

Delve into the culinary cultures of the two cities with a series of dinners around town.

Enjoy a plantbased tasting menu with Bistro Lupa & Tastelab Zurich, prepare yourself for a multisensory experience with legendary Restaurant Rank and Danish music duo RKDIA for an evening of music and food. Or join in, when Øens Have & Soil to Soul host a dinner with local produce and a talk about regenerative farming. You can also enjoy a grand potato dinner with GastroFutura and H15 and a exclusive vegan pop-up with the young chef, Luca Frei.

At the Festival Square at Israels Plads, you can meet innovative producers, food artisans, and chefs from Zurich.

The program offers tastings, workshops, and flavorful presentations. Attend a chocolate tasting with the sisters Laura and Fabia Löw, taste the classic Swiss cake called biberli, and learn about the rediscovery of an ancient craft, or explore locally produced non-alcoholic spirits from Zurich.

You can also meet Mika Lanz, a leading figure in urban food systems in Zurich, Esther Kern, who works with the nose-to-tail principle applied to vegetables, or Sara Hochuli and Silvan Leibacher, who specialize in plant-based alternatives to eggs. Se the full program for the festival hub.

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Zürich meets Copenhagen is organized by Copenhagen Cooking and the City of Zürich, the Canton of Zürich and Zürich Tourism in collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) as well as Food Zurich.

  • Zürich is the center of the Swiss economy and a thriving metropolis. The region is known for its lakeside setting in the Swiss Alps, but also offers a rich cultural life and excellent public infrastructure. Three of Europe's most prestigious universities are based here, as are more than fifty museums and theaters, not to mention some of Europe's largest festivals. Not surprisingly, Zurich consistently ranks high in quality of life surveys of cities around the world. Read more about the city of Zürich.

  • ZHdK is Switzerland’s largest art university and one of Europe’s oldest art schools. Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is a vibrant and international centre for teaching and research. It offers a broad range of programs in art education, design, film, visual and fine arts, music, dance, theatre, and transdisciplinary studies. ZHdK hosts more than six hundred events every year, making it a significant contributor to the cultural life in the region of Zurich. Read more about ZHdK.

  • ZHAW is short for The Zurich University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. Teaching, research, continuing education and other services are both scientifically based and practice-oriented. ZHAW graduates are able to apply their knowledge responsibly in demanding professional fields. In its work in research & development, the ZHAW concentrates on important societal challenges, with a particular focus on energy and societal integration. Read more about ZHAW.

  • Food Zurich is a festival. Once a year, during 11 days, the festival takes place with more than 100 events around the culinary arts in and around Zurich. This makes FOOD ZURICH one of the three largest food festivals in Europe. It makes sense: with 2900 restaurants, Zurich has one of the highest densities in the world and combines within walking distance everything that the epicurean's heart desires. Moreover, with the ETH, the ZHAW and its international openness, the city on the Limmat offers all new thinkers and start-ups a nourishing ground for innovation and research. Read more about Food Zurich.

  • Soil to Soul is a movement that organizes a symposium that brings together experts on soil management, enjoyment and digestion. The aim is to bring more attention to healthy soils and the interconnected effects of soil problems on the environment and on human health. The approach is holistic: only agriculture without overexploitation can maintain its own health in the long run, and thus also the health of humans and their complex inner life. But this is not the only reason why scientists at research institutes around the world want to focus our attention on the soil: the microorganisms living in the earth's soil can bind CO2 and are therefore central to curbing the heating of our atmosphere. Soil to Soul is therefore partly concerned with science, but also places great emphasis on the enjoyment that intact soil makes possible in the first place. Panel discussions and keynotes by prominent soil experts are therefore complemented by tastings and a Soil Food Market, where Switzerland's soil-conscious producers can present and sell their products. Read more about Soil to Soul.

  • Gastro Futura connects gastronomers who strive for sustainable gastronomy - on a social, ecological and economic level. By means of exchange of experiences, consulting and educational offers, we create a gastronomy with added value for gastronomers, gastronomic businesses and for the environment. Read more about Gastro Futura.

  • Restaurant Rank is a local venue in Zurich's Niederdorf that combines art, music, and food, a fusion of a restaurant and jazz club where live music meets contemporary cuisine prepared with local, sustainable ingredients. The kitchen is led by Michaela Frank, the youngest chef in Switzerland, and her team who serve hearty regional cuisine with international flair. From Thursday to Saturday, selected local jazz artists perform after dinner. The Rank also offers a takeaway service featuring exciting drinks and snacks for on-the-go consumption. Read more about Restaurant Rank.