Every year we offer a number of exciting events for everyone working with food be that in hospitality, politics, science, production or the industry etc.


Foto: Sarah Buthmann
Foto: Sarah Buthmann

World Food Summit - Better Food for More People

World Food Summit brings politicians, chefs, experts, influencers and food producers from all over the world together. The summit has a global ambition to use gastronomy to create better food for more people.

The summit is held by The Ministry of Environment and Food.

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Bite Copenhagen

Bite Copenhagen is the most ambitious food expo in Denmark for both Danish and international food stakeholders. 

The food expo also presents competitions for chefs, for instance the competition to be the Danish candidate for Bocuse D’Or.

Bite Copenhagen is hosted by BC Hospitality Group A/S.

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Copenhagen Food Forum

Copenhagen Food Forum is an international symposium for chief executives in hospitality. This symposium has a special focus on companies that make high quality food as a chain concept or at a number of restaurants who wish to increase their economic development and at the same time be cutting edge when it comes to trends and problem solving.

To be a part of Copenhagen Food Forum you have to receive a personal invitation. In 2018, 35 leaders in hospitality and entrepreneurs took part in the symposium.

For more information on Copenhagen Food Forum, please contact Stine Lolk at stine@thefoodproject.dk.

Freja 1 - dialog.jpg

Freja Symposium

Freja Symposium gathers some some of the best chefs and people from the food industry to discuss how we can improve on gender equality at a management level in the nordic hospitality industry. 

Freja is founded by a group of talented women from the industry. Their mission is to bring decision makers together in order to create sustainable solutions that honour and acknowledge men and women just the same.

Freja Symposium is organised and held by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.