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Copenhagen is a center for communal dining and fun food experiences - at least if you ask us! 

And that is exactly what we focus on during Copenhagen Cooking which runs from 18th to 27th of August, when we invite all of you to become part of the festival, which consists of delicious food events throughout the city with some of the best food people. We wish to create a versatile program in which our guest can explore the diverse range of dinning experiences in Copenhagen. 

If you are a restaurant, store, a cultural institution or a producer - and you want to contribute with great food experiences in Copenhagen - we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Everyone can register events, the only thing we require is that you have the good idea and that you have thought about the below criteria for events. 

Deadline for registering events is Monday 15th of May. 

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What is a great Copenhagen Cooking event? 

Events at Copenhagen Cooking have to be unique, which means that the content or the surroundings should be something that you can't normally experience. And then it as to have a gastronomic focus of course. 

On this page you can read more about the great event, examples of types of events, what you should consider and why you dont have to completely reinvent yourself to be a succes. And that no matter if you're a restaurant, cantine, producer, cultural institution or something completely different, you are welcome to sign up events.

Do you have a brewing event but not sure how to execute it? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us - together we can make it great. 

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The format for an event for Copenhagen Cooking can be many: tasting, tour, workshop, dinner, lunch, brunch, concert, food walk, talk. The only strict demand is of course that there is food involved. 

What a lot of exceptionel events have in common is that they often are either in a unique location or have a unique situation. 

Unique location

With this concept you can consider the guests to have a food experiences in a place they don't normally connect with eating. It can also be a restaurant who takes their normal menu to new places or collaborators. 
For the festival there have been for instance: dinner at Bispebjerg Hospital's gardens and kitchen, dinner on the bridge in the airport, dessert lunch in the street, tour and tasting at various food producers, Shabbath with the Jewish community and of course our own long table dinner with 1500 people seated on Frederiksberg Allé. 

Unique situation

For the festival we would like to also celebrate the qualities of existing location. The element that makes it unique is instead that for a day/night you can experience something different in the premises. It could be a restaurant wanting to add music to their food or pull in your favourite producers for a higligting of them and their products. 

Examples from last year's program: The Workers Museum celebrated the packed lunch, a barista workshop at Darcy's coffee shop or House of Greenland invited for an evening of food and identity. 

You can see more inspiring events from last years program here

Can you not see yourself in any of the above or maybe have another idea? Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we are happy to discuss opportunities. 

We hope that you would like to be be part of making unique events with Copenhagen Cooking. 

Questions? Read more on FAQ for hosts.

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