Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival turns Copenhagen into one big food fest in August

Dine in a restaurant wearing Virtual Reality glasses that will abduct you to a dinner on a bounty island or join 1200 others at a dinner in the middle of one of the most iconic streets of Copenhagen This and much more is on the menu as Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival launches a ten-day celebration from August 19-28 to showcase the city’s gastronomy scene and the food culture of Denmark.

Over the past 13 years Copenhagen Cooking has developed into one of the largest and most interesting food festival in Northern Europe. This year it’s going to be even more innovative and mind blowing than ever as the theme of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2017 will be “Breaking The New”. It means that you can expect dining experiences which will please not only your taste buds but also your mind and emotions.

Throughout the festival, there will be several street dinners popping up all over Copenhagen, where different restaurants and food producers will pitch in depending on the location. The largest one is the harvest feast at Frederiksberg, where 1200 people will dine under open skies at one of the major crossroads, Frederiksberg Allé, which will be closed off for this occasion.

Moreover a number of famous chefs and foodies invite you home to an extraordinary dining experience at their own house or apartment. And a number of events will even take you outside the city center and right to the places where the food is produced. For example at Birkemosegaard where the owners of the biodynamic farm, together with the organic food store KOST, invites you to a dinner in the middle of the fields where they produce their fantastic vegetables.   

Take a look at the events

Giant food party in the heart of Copenhagen

In 2017 we are going to expand the festival center which it will be the epicenter of the festival during all 10 days in the heart of Copenhagen at Israels Plads. The location is just beside the popular food halls of Copenhagen called Torvehallerne. At the festival center we aim to create great experiences and parties with food in focus. You can for example join a giant summer grill party arranged by the Danish Bocuse d’Or participant in 2017, Morten Falk, or taste the hotdogs made by some of the best chefs of the world, when they participate in Top Dog Charity.   

Even before all the events has been published, festival director Stine Lolk believes that the festival moves several steps closer to the ambition of creating one of the world's best gastro festivals. A festival that not only attracts Danish food lovers, but also people from all over the world who wants to experience Danish gastronomy in 2017.

"We have a clear ambition that the festival will be a must for anyone interested in gastronomy and food. Also outside the country's borders. Therefore, in the next couple of months, we will publish the largest international program in the festival's history," says Stine Lolk, Festival Director at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

A festival for the people who produce our food

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival offers a diverse program for the people of the food industry as well. +100 international decision makers will meet at ‘Better Food for More People’ - a world food summit by The Danish Ministry of Environment & Food. 50 butchers from all over the world will gather at ‘Butcher’s Manifesto’ with the purpose to bring back professional pride and ensure the survival and growth of the butcher’s craft.

‘Bite Copenhagen’ is a brand new ambitious B2B Food Exhibition for national and international food producers. And this is just three of many interesting business events of the festival.



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