Experience some of the worlds most famous chefs at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

This year you can experience the world's most famous chefs and producers during the 10 days of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Over 20 gastronomic profiles have already booked their flight tickets to Copenhagen in August.

Anna Sophie Pic (Maison Pic✰✰✰, Frankrig), Dominique Creen (Atelier Crenn✰✰, USA), Hideaki Sato, (Ta Vie ✰✰, Hong Kong), Esben Holmboe Bang, (Maaemo ✰✰✰, Norge), Danny Bowien (Mission Chinese Food, USA), Jock Zonfrillo (Orana, Australien) og Sean Brock (Husk, USA).

These are just some of the gastronomic stars that will be part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2017. Over 20 international profiles festival will visit the festival from the 18th - 27th of August 2017. That is a record number since the beginning in 2005.

"We have a clear ambition that the festival should be a must-visit for anyone interested in gastronomy and food. Also those outside Danish borders. Therefore we are extremely pleased that we are able to attract such great gastronomic world stars to our festival. It emphasizes that Copenhagen is a city with world class restaurants and chefs. A place that famous chefs, from all over the world, visit to find new inspiration, "says Stine Lolk, festival director at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival.

You can experience the many international top chef in everything from a exclusive pop-up dinner to the Topdog Charity hotdog competition - which is the unofficial World Championship in Hotdog, which takes place on the 21st of August at the festival center at Israel Plads.

Here is a selection of events where foreign chefs play a leading role:

Two of the world's best chefs guests Geranium
Chef chef and co-owner of Geranium (✰✰✰), Rasmus Kofoed proudly welcomes Anne-Sophie Pic (Maison Pic ✰✰, France) and Dominique Creen (Atelier Crenn ✰, USA) for a special day of cooking at Restaurant Geranium on Sunday, 20 August 2017. The three chefs will be collaborating on a not to be missed menu highlighting their mutual respect for ingredients and creativity.

“I have wanted to work with Dominique and Anne-Sophie for quite some time. I admire their way of thinking about food and approach to cooking. They both bring a lot of talent and creativity to the kitchen. We're going to have a really great day together,” says Rasmus Kofoed.

Two starred chef guests Aamanns new restaurant
Adam Aamann, TV-chef and owner of Aamann's restaurants:
"We are incredibly proud to introduce Japanese Hideaki Sato, restaurant manager and co-owner of Ta Vie in Hong Kong. Ta Vie is one of the few restaurants in Hong Kong with two Michelin stars, and it is now No. 33 at Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2017. Hideaki Sato will, together with Aamanns 1921's chef, Maxim Surdu, create a truly unique journey by letting Danish smørrebrød meet the Asian kitchen. A total of 10 dishes will be served served and this night we will only use the most delicious and exclusive ingredients. Look forward to a dining experience in elegant frames with beautiful granite columns and high ceilings. "

Puglisi invites you to a two-day food party for free at his Farm of Ideas in Lejre
The festival 'Seed Exchange' celebrates that it is now a year ago since Christian F. Puglisi established his own sustainable production of ingredients for his restaurants - Relæ, Manfreds, RUDO, Bæst and Mirabelle.

The festival involves a number of fantastic local producers and enthusiasts as well as a sumptuous line-up of international chefs - Esben Holmboe Bang (Maaemo, Norway), Matt Orlando (Amass, Denmark), Carlo Petrini (Slow Food, Italy), Sean Brock USA) and Jock Zonfrillo (Orana, Australia). They will all come and exchange both seeds, knowledge and experiences. The activities will be centered around the lively farmyard with a small open scene where you can experience talks about gastronomy and agriculture spiced with musical elements and stalls where you can buy delicious organic food and drinks. In addition, Bæst travels from Nørrebro to create an open-air pop-up restaurant overlooking the fields!

In addition, you can buy tickets for a number of special under events beforehand; Practical workshops, a gastronomic 'Harvest Picnic' and the star-studded dinner table 'The First Supper' with international top chefs cooking with the freshly harvested produce.

South African top chef guests the the roof top farm - Østergro
Peter Nøhr and Asmus Gamdrup owners of KOST:
"We have invited the South African star chef Kobus van der Merwe to Copenhagen. Normally he cooks at the town of Paternoster north of Cape Town in South Africa. Here you will find his restaurant Wolfgat, which Kobus operates on the basis of a quiet interesting philosophy. All ingredients must be ultra local. Which means harvested or caught maximum 2 kilometers from the restaurant. On August the 22th he will present a variety of snacks and a 4 course menu based on the best Danish ingredients in season. Then give it all a South African touch. During dinner, Asmus from KOST and Kobus will tell more about modern South African cuisine, based on the DR K program 'Africa's New Kitchen, where Asmus met Kobus in South Africa.”

Tigermom and Mission Chinese Food invites you for a dinner at a secret place in the Copenhagen Harbor
Lisa Lov, former sous chef at the michelin starred restaurant Relæ and today known as Tigermom:
"I am soon ready to present my new restaurant project - Tigermom. I would love to celebrate that with you. So I have invited my very good friends Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga from Mission Chinese Food in New York to come and cook with me in Copenhagen. On the water. Because we are all gonna sail in electric boats to a secret place in the Copenhagen Harbor. Here we will enjoy a large number of the dishes we love most."

Mads Refslund returns - for a while - to Copenhagen
One of Danish gastronomy's very big stars - Mads Refslund - returns for a while to Copenhagen during the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Together with René Redzepi and Claus Meyer, he was a part of the beginning of Noma in 2004. Afterwards he became owner of his own renowned restaurant MR at Kultorvet (1 Michelin star). In 2012, he moved to New York to be head chef at Restaurant Acme in Manhattan, where he, among other things, picked up two stars from the legendary food critic Pete Wells from The New York Times. Soon he will open his own brand new restaurant in Williamsburg New York.

But for one night we make sure that you can enjoy Mads Refslund's dishes in Copenhagen. on August the 22nd. Together with Musling Bistro, he invites you to "The Last Party". The theme of the dinner is to show that the food leftovers we usually throw out easily can be the motor for a incredible dinner and party. From fish bones and potato peels to coffee grounds and cabbage sticks. The chefs from Musling, Simon Sundby and Ingwer Grünberg, will together with Mads Refslund create a series of dishes that will challenge both the taste buds and the brain.

Top Dog Charity - World Hot Dog Championship 
If you are crazy about hotdogs, remember to put a mark in your calender at the 21st of August. Here some of the world's best chefs from example Sweden, Japan, South Africa, Greenland and Denmark will create their version of the world's best hotdog. As a guest you can taste all the participants' hotdogs and find your own favorite. However, the winning hot dog will be found by a judge panel consisting both three-star Michelin chefs and the most talented food critics and food journalists.

Every penny you pay for your hotdogs will go directly to CARE Denmark's charity work.

The worlds first snapsefestival rises in Copenhagen
At Spirikum, there will be spirit producers from all over Scandinavia and USA, who will bring samples of their Snaps and Aquavit. We’ve invited our friends at five of the best restaurants in Copenhagen to come and make street food, and some of our favourite brewers to come and serve their beers. This is a unique chance to see the elephants that make the Snaps and Aquavit that we all love. Many of the producers will bring products exclusive to Spirikum.

Experience the world's best cider at the Cider Festival
This year you will be able to experience more than 20 of the best cider producers from both Denmark and abroad. Together they present you to nearly 100 different glasses of real cider that you can taste. So if you love, or just curious about, ciders, the cider festival during the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is definitely something for you.

Hideto Takeda guests Home
Mads Battefeld (formerly Henneby Kirkekro - two michelin stars) and Henrik Levinsen (formerly Søllerød Kro, Noma and others):
"We have invited Hideto Takeda from Ichimatsu in Osaka to the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. This means that you can experience an evening with yakitori and sake taken to unprecedented heights on Nordic latitudes. Hideto Takeda from Ichimatsu in Osaka is one of the world's most talented yakitori chefs. And he looks forward to present a series of dishes that will be printed in your gastronomic memory for a long time."

Greenland's best chef comes to Copenhagen
Inunnguaq Hegelund has been named “the chef of the year” three times in Greenland. This year he visits Copenhagen during the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Hegelund creates a three-course menu based on the amazing ingredients found in Greenland. The appetizer consists of crab and shrimps. The main course is made with musk oxen as a starting point and the dessert based on Greenlandic berries and herbs.

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