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Copenhagen is the center for communal dining and foodpleasure - at least if you ask us! 

And that is exactly what we focus on during Copenhagen Cooking on august 18. - 27., 2023, when we invite all of you to become a part of our program track Cooking in the city, which consists of delicious foodevents throughout the city. All together wit some of the best food people. We wish to create a versatile program where our guest can explore the diverse range of dinning experiences in Copenhagen. 

If you work food as a restaurant, a store, a cultural institution or as a producer - and if you wish to contribute with great foodexperiences in Copenhagen - we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Everyone can register events, the only thing we require is that you have the good idea and that you follow the guidelines listed below.  

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What does a Cooking-event consist of? 

Collaboration: To create unique and different events it is important that all events are a collaboration between more organizers. This could be between producer, the neighbor-restaurant, a fish dealer, farm, winemaker, brewer, gartner or something else. If you do not have the good idea yet, let us help you match with the right partner. 

Deliciousness: At our Copenhagen Cooking event there HAS to be something delicious to eat - it's all about food after all. 

Knowledge/learning: We aim to give our guest more than just food during Copenhagen Cooking. And they have to walk home from a Cooking-events wiser and more inspired. Maybe they explored a new product, maybe they talked to a new producer, maybe they were a part of a interesting debat og participating in a fun workshop, or something else. The possibilities are many - and we are here to help you with inspiration if needed. 

If you have a growing idea for an event, then let's hear it - together we can do great things! 

Since we are festival who focuses on unique events, we kindly ask that all suggested events actively relates to the above principles. We therefor reserve the right to reject arrangements that falls outside the above listed criteria.  

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