• About the festival
    Who is making the program?

    Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival consists of many events, which will be held in the period the 24th of August – the 2th of September.

    Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival has its own signature events, which we arrange ourselves, while the rest of the program is open – which means that it is up to each restaurant and food entrants to arrange and invite guests to their events. You have to buy your tickets through Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival for each event.

  • Tickets

    The entrance for the festival square is free.

    At some events, BBQ parties and workshops you will need a ticket to get in. You can buy tickets to the program below.

    How do I buy my tickets?

    To buy your tickets you simply find the event that you want to participate. Below the event there is a button ‘Buy your ticket’. When you click on the button you will find yourself on ‘madbillets’ homepage. Madbillet will send you a ticket, which you have to bring to the event.

    I forgot to print the ticket – what to do?

    You can show your ticket on your smartphone (find it on your e-mail). We do prefer that you print out the ticket though.

    I can’t buy tickets

    Technical issues? Contact Madbillet at info@madbillet.dk or 38 41 05 60 (mon.-sun. 13-16). If you got problems with this website please contact the festival team at info@copenhagencooking.dk

  • My Program
    How does it work?

    You have the opportunity to make your own personal festival program. When you tap the heart next to the event it will be saved under ‘My Program’. Now you can find these events buy pressing at ‘My Program’ at the header on the website.

    Why does it need my Facebook log-in?

    In order to make your own program who have to log in. We do it through Facebook, because it is easier to find your program on all of your devices. We won’t get access to your profile or any data about you, even though you are connected on Facebook. NB: You need to have a Facebook profile in order to use the function.

  • Transfer

    It is easy to get from the festival square with public transfer. The square is only 2 min. walk from Nørreport Station, which is the “gathering point” for busses, trains and the subway.


    You can park your bicycle at Nørreport Station, which is a 2 min. walk from the festival square.

    If you are driving you can park your car in the basement parking under Israels Plads – driveway through Linnésgade.

  • Alcohol

    We only serve alcohol to people at 18 years old plus. Remember a valid ID with a picture – you have to show it when buying alcohol.

  • Handicap conditions
    Handicap conditions

    Guests with a handicap, can use the toilets at Torvehallerne.

  • Payment

    In the beer stands, you can pay with cash, mobilepay and card.

  • Guidelines

    We only serve alcohol to people at 18 years old plus. Remember a valid ID with a picture – you have to show it when buying alcohol.

  • Toilets
    Will there be toilet stalls?

    There are eight toilets on the square.

    Handicap toilets

    If you got a handicap, you can use the toilets at Torvehallerne.

  • Sustainability

    At the Festival Center, our ambition is to become more sustainable all the time. We are not perfect, but we are doing everything we can – and we are trying to make our exhibitors and guests do the same!

    In 2018 we have made a bunch of new initiatives, which are going to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

    Biodegradable disposable tableware

    We have introduced a requirement that all disposable tableware at the Festival Center must be made of biodegradable materials. It means, that you can throw out your plate, glass, cup or napkin with the food scarps and in the end it can be composted and be a resource again.

    Not enough garbage incinerators have sorting machines that knows the difference between disposable tableware and the classic in plastic. Therefore, we have joined forces with Greenway Denmark and agreed to put up an onsite-composting system.

    It means that we can through out our bio-waste (including the biodegradable disposable tableware) in the composting system, which turns it all into hummus made of plants, which can be used in gardens and pots. What we are going to use the hummus for we don’t know jet – let us know if you have some great ideas!

    Trash cans made of recycled plastic

    The trash cans on Israels Plads is from the Danish company FLEXOSORT and are made after the concept “REDUSE – REUSE – RECYCLE – RETHINK”.

    The trash cans are made of recycled plastic, which saves the environment for unnecessary use of resources. Furthermore the trash cans are made of channel plastic with air between the layers, so that the weight of the trash reduces – and the amount of plastic is reduces. When the trash cans are too used, we through them out of course – and they can be recycled once again.

     Food waste

    Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival has committed to FN’s global goals about reducing food waste. We are working on eliminating food waste at our Festival Center by letting all leftovers turning into meals or further distribution.

    During the festival the food culture company Rub & Stub are collecting all of the delicious leftovers from the festival participants, so that they can transform it into a nice lunch. We have named it ‘Final Lunch’ and it is finishing the festival the 2nd of September.

    It is already possible to buy your tickets now – the meal is, of course – at surprise, because it is impossible to know which leftovers we have! But Rub & Stub guarentees that with these participants on the festival, and with that food program it can ONLY be a fantastic leftover lunch!


    Buy your tickets here : madbillet.dk/show/event/final-frokost