Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Tasting Tour 179 DKK

There are so many amazing containers at the Festival, which is way you should have a chance to get a bite of everything! We have made a ‘tasting tour’. The Tasting Tour will bring around the festival center, where you will get six small serving, which represents a small meal. Buy your tasting tour at the festival center for only 179 DKK.

Let's say welcome to the companies below! 

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Yet again Ost & Ko (Cheese & Cow) are going to spoil you with the cream of innovative and traditional cheeses from the small and big cheese factories of Denmark, when the Osterbaren (Cheese Bar) on Israel’s Plads open up the container doors to a number of exciting servings and sales of Denmark’s best cheese (kg price)

During the festival period Ostebaren (The Cheese Bar) is open and offers a lot of great events and workshops – alone and in corporation with others.

 Come and…

Get your cheese fingers in the new magazine ‘Cheese Culture’

Meet Smag & Ko (Taste & Cow) and get surprised by the many nuances of the milk

Explore Balderdash’s intoxicating cocktails and amazing cheeses.

Get a foodpairing-chok with Something Frozen’s cheese softice

Join the vegetable party and a the cheese afterparty at Vegetable Festival  MULD,MAGI & MAD

Ost & Ko
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Hahnemanns køkken

Hahnemanns Køkken is a food place focusing on every day food, organics, fresh local ingredients and especially food made with love. From our container we are going to sell a selection of products from our dining house on Skt. Kjelds Plads – Including fresh and tasteful salads and coffee, homemade cakes and delicious vegetable snacks with babe ganoush and hummus.

Hahnemanns Køkken

Arnold Busck

Do you like to cook the food yourself?

Visit the bookshop Arnold Busck where you can find a wide selection of books about cooking and sustainable living for everyday and weekends. We will be “serving” book about everything from open-faced sandwiches to octopus – and you can also use our exchange-book-boxes where you can exchange your own used cooking book for another used cooking book (for free).

Experience the hottest food experts and cook book authors on the food stage, and find their new, exciting releasements at Arnold Busck on Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival on Israels Plads and in Torvehallerne in hall number 2

Arnold Busck

Folkets madhus

Folkets Madhus puts women and the butcher profession in focus during Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival when we daily barbeque meat from well-known animals. It takes place next to our container by Torvehallerne where we are going to sell BBQ-platters and butcher products made by the nose2tail-principle. We also host a sausage workshop several times during the week where you get and insight in how to sausages are made.

Folkets Madhus bring focus on female butchers during the whole week and participates with a female team who will be competing for the World Championship in Top Dog Charity. There will also be talks etc., on Israels Plads during the week - check our daily programme for more info.

Folkets Madhus

Holm Cider

Holm Cider are going to make sure that there will be a summer-feeling on the square. The sun is shining with rosé-cider from France, crispy cava-cider from Spain and bitter new Nordic ciders from Denmark. Of course there will be delicious French wine and good drinks such as aperol cider spritz and cava tonics (with Calvados instead of gin)  

Holm Cider is the leading cider specialist in the North. Their store and bar at Istedgade oozes with all the world’s cider! A lot of their exciting cider manufacturers will attend Rigtig Cider festival where they will serve cider tasting at Israels Plads the 25th of August. 

Holm Cider

Musling Bistro

Musling Bistro are moving into the food bar where they will be serving small dishes of fresh, sustainable fish and shellfish from the oceans surrounding us. The fishes are caught with net and line to protect the enviorment as much as we can. For the “sea fresh” products there will be organic and biodynamic vegetables grown by talented farmers in the environs.

Musling Bistro
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No festival without Jacobsen Beers! All Jacobsen Beers are made by people, who are very passionate about their handcraft!

During the whole festival Jacobsen is going to serve 10 varieties of beer. We promise you, that the competent staff will guide you when you are selection your beer! As Jacobsen says on their website “Beer is art. Beer is culture. When we serve a Jacobsen Beer we are proud to know how it is brewed. And we are proud to know something about each beer variants placing in a historical, geographical and gastronomical context.