General Info

General Info


Opening Hours

Friday 24th August 16:00-22:00
Saturday 25th August 10:00-22:00
Sunday 26th August 10:00-21:00
Monday 27th August 12:00-21:00
Tuesday 28th August 12:00-21:00
Wedneysday 29th August 12:00-21:00
Thursday 30th August 12:00-21:00
Friday 31th August 12:00-22:00
Saturday 1st September 10:00-21:00
Sunday 2nd September 10:00-16:00

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival stretch over 10 days from the 24th of August to the 2nd of September. All ten days you can visit Israels Plads and get a new and special food experience every day. We are inviting you to a huge potluck dinner, the unofficial world Championship in hotdogs, the world’s perhaps most sustainable dinner, a cider dinner and so much more!

We would like to tell more, but we think that you should see it when your own eyes instead. We hope to see you on Israels Plads!