In 2018 Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival decided to commit to the UN Global Goals. As Denmark's most visited (and best, if we ourselves have to say it) food festival, we have a responsibility and a unique opportunity to highlight some of the issues in food world.
In 2019, we will continue our work to raise awareness of the world's most important goals and at the same time try to "translate" them into gastronomy and show what the food industry can do to help the world reach them.
At the Festival Square we have dedicated each of the five days to one world goal - here:
Wednesday, August 28: Goal 5 - Gender equality
Meet some of Denmark's most talented women og food - and their male counterparts.
Thursday, August 29: Goal 14 - Life below water
Focus on sustainable fishing, seaweed and how we reduce plastic in the oceans.
Friday, August 30: Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production
Food waste, organic farming and sustainability are at the center this day.
Saturday, August 31: Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities
Experience Copenhagen and the city's food culture.
Sunday, September 1: Goal 4 - Quality education
Denmark's top chefs are competing, and we show how exciting an industry, the food world is working in.

Read more about the UN's 17 world goals here